Advanced Dentistry

Experienced, high-tech dental care

Using advanced CEREC technology, Dr. Douglas Schulz can create a new tooth or crown for you in about an hour.

Dr. Douglas Schulz has been providing hi-tech dentistry to the Kansas City area for over 30 years. He has made it a focus of his practice to stay on the cutting edge of dental technology. Using the latest in technological innovations allows him to better serve his patients with quicker, more effective, pain-free treatments.

A true humanitarian, Dr. Schulz has contributed his dental skills to the Pacific Partnership, a charitable mission with the U.S. Navy to bring medical and dental care to those in need across the entire Pacific region. He was the first to bring CEREC technology to Vietnam.

Dr. Schulz is an expert in CEREC technology, a breakthrough 3-D imaging and milling technology that allows the dentist to create perfectly fitting and color-matched teeth out of high-grade porcelain. As the first dentist to use this advanced technology in the Kansas City area, Dr. Schulz has been using CEREC to provide his patients with One-Visit Crowns, Veneers, Inlays and Onlays since 1998.

Today, our in-house CEREC equipment means that Dr. Schulz can offer many One-Visit procedures – treatments that used to require multiple visits, and even multiple doctors, can now be completed in our office in just one visit.

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One-Visit CEREC crowns, veneers and dental restorations

Using breakthrough CEREC technology, Dr. Schulz can custom-craft your crown, veneers, inlay, onlay or bridge right here in our office, while you wait. You won’t need temporaries or repeat visits.

Click here to learn more about CEREC technology.

Air Abrasion with Isolite

Air abrasion is a drill-less technique for removing tooth decay and for other minimally invasive applications. An advanced tool for micro-dentistry, Air Abrasion is ideal for cleaning out pits and fissures and for treating cavities in children and in little spots

Using the Air Abrasion technique with the Isolite device is another way that Dr. Schulz makes sure that your dental visits are faster and pain-free.

Painfree ultrasonic gum treatment

Our hygienist uses the Cavitron ultrasonic wand to treat mild to moderate gum and periodontal disease by removing plaque, tartar and bacteria from the teeth, gums and below the gums. Even some advanced cases respond to this pain free, non-surgical procedure. She uses a high-pressure baking soda and water jet spray to remove plaque and stains.

Dental laser gum surgery

Dr. Schulz and his hygienist, Valerie, use the PulseMaster 600 IQ dental laser in his Gum Treatments and Laser Gum Surgery. Laser surgery is much more precise and creates much less bleeding than regular surgery. Less anesthetic is required, and healing time is much faster. Click here to learn more about our Laser Dentistry.

Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays have less radiation than traditional x-ray machines and there is no need for processing film of the image. Your X-rays can be seen by Dr. Schulz within seconds of taking them. Then he can go over the results with you on our in-room computer screens.

Galileos 3D x-rays

GALILEOS is a 3D diagnostic technology that sets new standards by combining the lowest radiation dosage with superior image quality. Dr. Schulz uses these x-rays to examine a complete, three dimensional image of your mouth, jaw and skull.

Learn more about Galileos here.

Intraoral camera

Intraoral cameras are tiny digital cameras that fit comfortably in your mouth and enable your dentist to show you an enlarged image of your smile on a computer screen.


The Invisalign treatment consists of a series of invisible plastic aligners that you switch out about every two weeks. Dr. Schulz customizes the Invisalign system for your teeth and each aligner is individually manufactured with exact calculations to gradually shift your teeth into place.

Learn more about our Invisalign treatment.

Cosmetic imaging

Dr. Schulz uses digital photography to visualize your cosmetic makeover before beginning treatment. Together you can use this tool to manipulate the final image so you know that you’re getting the smile that you’ve always wanted.


The traditional way to detect tooth decay was by touching the surface of the teeth with a metal probe. If the metal probe stuck, then there was a cavity.

Using DIAGNOdent laser technology, Dr. Schulz can detect early tooth decay without taking the chance of missing cavities. The laser probe detects even the smallest problems before they become large, and it does so painlessly.

Multi-media treatment rooms

Our treatment rooms are fully equipped with video screens and music. We offer our patients headphones during treatment, and they can be entertained by watching movies or TV while we work.

Dr. Schulz delights in having pediatric and octogenarian patients, and treating generations within a family. Building on the initial rapport established in 1982 and the quality of care that Dr. Schulz provides to his patients, many of Dr. Hall’s patients remain with him today. It’s important to Dr. Schulz that when he sees any patient outside his office, he knows them by name. He understands by building good relationships with his patients, he earns their trust; and that trust translates into more relaxed patients who maintain good dental care and are not afraid to visit the dentist.

  • Patient Testimonial

  • "Dr. Schulz is the best in the business. We have been going to him for over 20 years. We have moved away from KC and plan our dental visits around our vacations."

  • "He is the most pain free dentist we have ever been to, and his work is excellent. I would recommend him to everyone."

  • - Hilda C.

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