Crowns can take up to three visits and the use of a temporary to fully restore your tooth. With CEREC technology this can be done in a single visit while you are in the chair! CEREC’s precision 3D technology allows Dr. Schulz to create a customized crown that fits your teeth perfectly and is completely biocompatible with your own tooth structure.

Natural, durable crowns in a single visit

CEREC milling machine

With his CEREC milling machine, Dr. Schulz will mill your crown right here in our office so that you can have it placed right away.

Dr. Schulz recommends CEREC restorations due to their durability.  Typically, CEREC restorations he has seen, even after several years, are in the same condition as when first placed.

With CEREC one-visit crowns you eliminate the need for a temporary. Many teeth become sensitive from wearing a temporary crown, and some of those teeth require root canals to alleviate that sensitivity. And, of course, the use of a temporary crown requires you to visit the dentist at least twice just to have a single tooth completely repaired.

Keep your healthy smile with a CEREC crown

Our CEREC restorations are milled from a single block of high-quality ceramic, a substance that is particularly compatible with the body. CEREC restorations are made under controlled conditions for the best construction and to get them as close to a natural tooth structure as possible.

CEREC ceramic expands in the same way as teeth do, and also because it comes from a single block, a CEREC restoration is less prone to cracks and flaws than other types of restoration.

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Before and After

Daniel W. was playing with his little brother. A bat they were using hit him in the face, and fractured his front tooth.

Dr. Schulz fixed his smile using a CEREC restoration in a single visit.

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